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About Us

Club Philosophy

At Titans FC our club philosophy focuses on not only developing the player but the person as well. We aim to provide every Titans player with a set of transferable life skills that will not only help in their development in football but pave the way for them to become nice, respectful, hardworking young adults, who are successful in anything they choose to do.

Life Skills


Our expert coaching methods help create an environment that encourages your child to interact with their peers, make new friends and become more confident in social situations.

Working hard

At Titan’s we believe that hard work and a desire to better yourself are major factors in development and success. From the get go we aim to embed this way of thinking into every Titan’s player. We are masters in providing the perfect level of intensity in our sessions to ensure every child’s work rate is to the best of their ability.


Our goal is to ensure every Titans player is gracious in victory and defeat. Manners and respect go a long way in life, therefore we encourage every young Titan to say hello to their coach on arrival, to be positive and encouraging to their teammates and respect the referee and our opposition.

Positive Mentality

We teach all of our young Titans to not only have self-belief but to take positives out of every situation. We live by a “you don’t lose, you learn” mentality.


At Titan’s our primary focus is child development in a safe, positive and child-centred environment. We aim to continually provide players with the right level of challenge and opportunity, to ensure they are always reaching their full potential.

At our club, there are key areas of football which we try to promote and embed into our teams’ style of play, they are the following:

Passing and Possession Play
Ball Control and Mastery
Playing out from the back
Decision Making
Awareness, Scanning and Seeing the Picture
At Titans we play a style of football which aims to control the match through possession based passing football. This is the foundation of our style of football. Conventionally people believe that goalkeepers and defenders have less technical ability than other positions. We believe that it is vital for every player on the team, in despite of their role, to have a level of technique which enables them to be confident of keeping the ball and playing.

Over 75 children sign to professional academies